Nature’s ‘Antibiotics’

It is generally known that taking antibiotics can lower your immune system. What’s the alternative?

According to HealthyAndNaturalWorld dot com, there are at least 13 natural antibiotics. Some of them will be familiar to you, such as Echinacea, used by many people as a supplement during the winter to stave off colds. The list also includes Tea Tree Oil and Oregon Grape, etc.

We recommend garlic, ginger, and a small amount of raw honey (HealthyAndNaturalWorld dot com recommends specifically New Zealand Manuka honey, but raw honey from any area is suitable).

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, and is generally chopped up and steeped in hot water with a teaspoon of raw honey for fighting off colds, etc. Garlic is also a great help in the fight against colds and some flu, and was, apparently, used by ancient Europeans as a medicine.

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