Podcast: ‘Initiation’ With Greg Kaminsky

In Phalanx’s second podcast we discuss initiation, occultism, and Freemasonry with Greg Kaminsky. In particular, we look at what is authentic initiation, and what does it mean to be initiated in the modern age.


Greg is the publisher of the much-respected Occult of Personality podcast, that “peers behind the veil to provide recorded interviews with serious esoteric practitioners, scholars, and teachers from all over the world.” Greg has interviewed such authors as Mitch Horowitz (Occult America), Joscelyn Godwin (The Forbidden Book), Freya Aswynn (Northern Mysteries Magick), as well as Phalanx’s Angel Millar (Freemasonry: A History, Freemasonry and the Western esoteric tradition, and The Crescent and The Compass).

You can find a complete list of Occult of Personality shows here.

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