Podcast: T’ai Chi With Bill Douglas

tai-chiOn the latest podcast, Angel Millar speaks with Bill Douglas, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & QiGong, and co-founder of World T’ai Chi and QiGong Day. We look at the practice of T’ai Chi, T’ai Chi and health, World T’ai Chi and QiGong Day, and even the practice of the internal art in the Middle East.

Bill has presented Tai Chi Meditation Programs for drug rehabilitation, in prisons, for social health institutions such as the National Parkinson’s Foundation and the American Heart Association, and corporations such as Hallmark Inc., and Sprint.

He currently teaches for the University of Kansas Hospital and for KU Medical Center, working closely with Cardiac Rehabilitation, Center on Aging, Neurology, and other departments, expanding the use and availability of T’ai Chi and QiGong in modern healthcare.

Music by Lino Rise (www.linorise.de)
Lino Rise — “Initiate Frame I”.

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