Magic, Martial Arts, & Masonry: With Martin Faulks

Martin Faulks is the author of Becoming A Ninja Warrior, Black Soul Mirror, and Adepthood: Success On All Levels, among other books, as well as a meditation master and a practitioner of both martial arts and Franz Bardon’s system of Hermeticism. He is also the managing director of Lewis-Masonic, the world’s oldest Masonic book publisher.

Martin studied with the Yamabushi monks in the mountains of Japan, as well as with other teachers, and with other schools of spiritual and martial development.

In this interview, he discusses:

  • The practice of meditation and the development of the powers of the mind.
  • What’s required of a genuine spiritual teacher.
  • The four elements in initiation and martial arts.
  • Training with the Yamabushi monks (and what’s required of an authentic student).
  • The origins of Franz Bardon’s system of Hermetic self-development.

You can find out more about Martin at his website, here.

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