When I launched The Spiritual Survival several years ago it was intended to be a different type of website for self-development and spirituality. Since then, it has gone through different names and different stages. But, it has kept to the same essential values:

We believe in cultivating a healthy body (in a world of junk food and the over-prescribing of drugs); an intelligent, open mind (in a world of dogmatism); and a strong spirit (in a world that encourages us to be weak and to believe that we can’t, or shouldn’t, rely on ourselves). We stand for creativity, beauty, strength, and independence.

In this site, you’ll find articles referencing various traditions, from Freemasonry to Islam, and from martial arts to Buddhism. This site isn’t for everyone. It is for the thoughtful. It is for those who are able to contemplate different ideas. It is for leaders, not followers. And it is for those who are determined to make themselves and their lives the best it can be.

Angel Millar