Self-Mastery and Spiritual Survivalism

Angel Millar.
“…of extraordinary importance in this time of cultural and even spiritual conflict” — New Dawn magazine.

Founded by author and spiritual survivalist leader Angel Millar, The Spiritual Survival is a guide for those in pursuit of self-mastery. 

It is not for the faint-hearted. It is not for those who blame others for their own condition. It is not a safe space.

  • The Spiritual Survival is for those who want to cultivate and strengthen their body, mind, and spirit.
  • It is for those who see that this world is an illusion, Mara, but who nonetheless seek to live a full and authentic life in accord with ancient and natural principles. 
  • And it is for those who seek deep, authentic, and transformational spirituality.

The martial arts, mythology, symbolism, esotericism (Western, Sufi, Tantric, etc.), philosophy, mysticism, and religion, are among the subjects explored by The Spiritual Survival. If you’re new to this site, start here.

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