Daily Meditation: The Unlimiting Journey

Daily meditations for the higher man.“Every Human Being is always a student of the cosmic system. The evolution process makes it so. We always tend to keep on learning irrespective of the age, caste or the system. In the domain of God all are equal … everyone has equal rights in respect of Spiritual wisdom” — Vijay Kumar.

When we open ourselves up to a spiritual discipline we have to be prepared to give up even the most treasured beliefs and ideas. Any true spiritual path must, by its very nature, challenge all assumptions. Or it is simply a ‘thought exercise’ or a sojourn away for everyday life. Continue reading “Daily Meditation: The Unlimiting Journey”

Podcast: Runen: The Wisdom of the Runes With A.D. Mercer



In Phalanx’s first podcast, Angel Millar talks with A.D. Mercer, author of Runen: The Wisdom of the Runes, about the ancient European symbols and, more especially, the later and far more controversial “Armanen runes,” as well as about aspects of their history, mythology, their relation to the world tree Yggdrasil, and Jungian psychology. Besides the podcast, below we’ve also included extracts from Mercer’s latest book.  Continue reading “Podcast: Runen: The Wisdom of the Runes With A.D. Mercer”

Daily Meditation: Sacrifice Time for Wisdom

Daily meditations for the higher man.I know that I hung upon a windy tree for nine whole nights, wounded with a spear and given to Odhinn. To my own self given.

Verse 137 of the Havamal speaks of sacrifice for a higher ideal; in this case, the epic is speaking specifically of sacrifice in order to gain knowledge of the runes.

However, we should remember that the word ‘rune’ itself means “Mystery” and “whisperings” thereof. So the Havamal is speaking of sacrifice for the sake of knowledge. But what is most interesting is that it is not speaking of the sacrifice of something, but of one’s self to one’s self. Continue reading “Daily Meditation: Sacrifice Time for Wisdom”