The Masonic Path To Enlightenment: Jonti Marks

Described as a “devotional Mason,” Jonti Marks is the author Hiram’s Way: Meditations On The Masonic Path To Enlightenment (published by Lewis Masonic), among other books. Over the last quarter of a century, he has lived in England, Zambia, and Kenya. And, in 1990, he was initiated into Freemasonry in Nairobi. He developed a deep interest in spirituality early in his adult life, and this interest has led him to “temples, mosques, synagogues and churches; to teachers and teachings of East and West.”

In this interview, we discuss the Masonic path of initiation, enlightenment, and some of the world’s spiritual traditions.

You can find out more about Jonti at his website here and at Masonic Meditations, here. And you can find Hiram’s Way at Lewis Masonic here.

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The War in Heaven and The Mysterium of the Soul: Approaching David Beth’s Kosmic Gnosis

The Kosmos is alive and our Souls know it. But the Soul as well as this knowledge of a Kosmos in which every phenomenal body[1] is en-souled has been starved in most people. Resurrecting our Souls is a necessary step if we want to ever re-enchant the Kosmos and find intrinsic meaning in life and death.

In the following paragraphs, I want to point towards a unique Gnostic vision and pathway, the pandaemonic ‘Kosmic’ esotericism of David Beth. Although it is mainly taught from Master to chela in personal transmission and thus has remained privy to a selected circle of initiates, spores of its Gnosis have seeped into the outer world through various channels and have enthused esoteric visionaries and dreamers alike.[2] To me, this pathway is not only a choice of a particular occult or Gnostic practice and philosophy but an affirmation of my experience of Life, my affirmation of the Mysterium of the Soul. As interest in this ‘Gnosis of the Other’ continues to rise outside our circles, I hope that this humble contribution may be of some aid to any sincere seeker. Continue reading “The War in Heaven and The Mysterium of the Soul: Approaching David Beth’s Kosmic Gnosis”