Turning Fear And Failure Into Focus

We all feel fear from time to time. Of course, there may be good reason for us to feel it: being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, or physically attacked by a gang or a madman. In such cases, perhaps we can turn the fear into focus and enough aggression or resolve to fight our way through it. If not, then we’re in big trouble.

But fear arises at other times, and can prove an obstacle to self-improvement or self-actualization.  Continue reading “Turning Fear And Failure Into Focus”

Chthonic Gnosis — Teachings of a Forgotten Metaphysician: Book Review

Chthonic Gnosis: Ludwig Klages and his Quest for the Pandaemonic All (Theion Publishing) is the first overview and in-depth study of the life and metaphysical work of Ludwig Klages — one of the most intriguing and controversial thinkers of the 20th century — available to the English-speaking public. A radical critic of monotheism and Christianity in particular, Klages identified as a pagan and devoted his life’s work to the exposition of a pagan metaphysics of Life. Influencing many of his contemporaries from Hermann Hesse to Carl Gustav Jung, from Walter Benjamin to Karl Jaspers his name was quickly forgotten post WWII when irrationality and life philosophy were considered dangerous territory.

In the past decade Klages has been introduced to a wider international esoteric audience mainly through the unique work of David Beth and his circle of initiates. Beth’s counter current presents a radical alternative to most of today’s paths to spiritual freedom and while infused with various initiatic lineages, the work of Klages and the Cosmic circle plays an important role in the manifestation of their work. Continue reading “Chthonic Gnosis — Teachings of a Forgotten Metaphysician: Book Review”

Martial Arts As A Magickal Practice

When practiced properly, martial arts is the same as shamanism, Tibetan Tantra, or the feared practices of the Aghoris — devotees of Shiva, the Hindu god of transformation. It is the Left-hand path at its finest. It has the power to shake loose very deep emotions and attachments. You must go and do what the ego dares not, for only in hell can heaven be found.

How do I know this? Continue reading “Martial Arts As A Magickal Practice”