Death, Health, And Spirituality

A year after we first heard of Covid-19 in the West, we are still gripped by a sense of fear. Some people are so afraid of getting Covid-19 that they wear their mask even while they are alone in their car. I have personally witnessed one person wearing a World War II-type gas mask and home-made hazmat suit rushing into his apartment after disinfecting his mail and leaving it outside. From the reaction to Covid-19, I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that — having never thought about it before — the majority of people have just woken up to their own mortality.


The spiritual person — the initiate — has always had a particular attitude towards his or her own mortality, however. That is, he or she is aware of it and has always reflected on his or her mortality, viewing life as somewhere between an illusion and preparation for whatever is beyond death (heaven, parinirvana, etc.). Undoubtedly, many esotericists, in particular, have always viewed themselves as somewhat alien to this world.

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Forming The Habit of Self-Development

As soon as we have a goal, we begin to make promises to ourselves. Once the conditions are right, we will work towards our goal. It will be next month when things die down. Or I’ll start as soon as I’ve saved up for the best equipment. Or it will be at the beginning of the new year. And so on.

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The Decline And Rise of Authentic Manhood

A friend of mine recently described a first — and last — date with a young woman he met online. Things went fine at first, but then he mentioned that he liked going to the gym and — worse still — that he felt that men should be physically strong. Although this would not offend anyone of any culture prior to the modern era, nor anyone of a non-Western culture today (masculinity is seen as normal and valuable in Middle Eastern and African cultures, for example), my friend found himself being lectured on why this was inherently evil and why he was on the wrong side of history. Continue reading “The Decline And Rise of Authentic Manhood”