Podcast: T’ai Chi With Bill Douglas

tai-chiOn the latest podcast, Angel Millar speaks with Bill Douglas, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & QiGong, and co-founder of World T’ai Chi and QiGong Day. We look at the practice of T’ai Chi, T’ai Chi and health, World T’ai Chi and QiGong Day, and even the practice of the internal art in the Middle East. Continue reading “Podcast: T’ai Chi With Bill Douglas”

Self-Mastery and Tao: Ten Essential Practices

taoism-essential-techniquesIn the modern age, with its endless and intoxicating distractions bombarding us and pulling our consciousness in many directions, it is vital for us to develop and follow a personal discipline that keeps us focused on the real purposes and meanings in our lives, so that we can slowly attain the fruits of our practices.

When we live for instant gratification, or live to chase “happiness” — as many have come to conceive of it — we ultimately end up disappointed. Hence the old adage that, “one who chases happiness is sure to avoid it”.

This is the strange irony: The human spirit does not gain authentic and lasting happiness from satisfying base desires and from being briefly satisfied with some outer stimuli because it forms nothing lasting or solid. Continue reading “Self-Mastery and Tao: Ten Essential Practices”