Focus and Self-Development in a World Without Limits

If we know anything it is that, increasingly in both the West and the East, we are living in a world without limits. Everything is multiplying:

Food is “mass produced.” In regard to gender, some time ago Facebook began offering users 58 gender options, but has since increased it to over 70. In popular “culture,” we’ve gone from game shows offering tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, to lotteries and even Pepsi offering billions of dollars. Elections, too, are now a billion dollar industry.

With a total lack of understanding of what it is to be human, scientists tell us that soon, “Our human genomes will be modified” so that people will be able to achieve immortality. If you don’t want to live forever in a physical, human body, however, you will be able to upload your consciousness instead, achieving “digital immortality.” Continue reading “Focus and Self-Development in a World Without Limits”

Politics as Counterfeit Spirit: A Metapsychology of Liberation, Part I

I find it interesting to watch and listen to “political discourse” not because I care about the politicians or parties themselves but because of the patterns and forces which they reveal. Saying this is liable to bring accusations of disconnected or apathetic privilege from the impassioned Left or else of Satanic refusal to tow the Nationalist line from the effusive Right, but this is evidence of the selfsame patterning.

In the occultism of the West, we might speak of egregores: group-minds which take on a literal life of their own, directing human activities on a more or less large scale in line with their own survival and expansion needs rather than the explicit desires of the human agents themselves. These egregores, however, may be dealt with, tricked, trapped, or, more commonly, compacted with just like any other spirit-being. Such pacts, whether explicit or implicit, are more common than not. Continue reading “Politics as Counterfeit Spirit: A Metapsychology of Liberation, Part I”

A Metapsychology of Self-Liberation: Introduction

Liberation begins in the mind of the individual. The mind is both the Great Cage and the Great Space, tightly constraining or limitless—as we decide.

How we define liberation can and must change over time, so I won’t spend much energy on it here. Suffice to say, for now, that liberation expresses itself as three virtues: Peace, Freedom, and Happiness. How these three arise, and what we may do to open ourselves up to them, is the subject of this series.

Psychology is, as we all know, the study of the workings or “logic” of the mind. But the circularity of the mind studying the mind is, at some level, unsatisfactory. Continue reading “A Metapsychology of Self-Liberation: Introduction”