Swear Allegiance to Quality, Not Quantity

We see it every day. Intelligent people rallying to the defense of the indefensible. Rallying to someone who has said something completely untrue, vulgar, or just plain ugly. And rallying to the individual solely because they see themselves as being on the “same side” — usually on the political left or right.

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How To Build An Organization

Recently, I’ve found myself advising people on different aspects of personal development. Most of them belong to some kind of group — a mastermind group, a martial arts group, or a study group of some kind. While it is possible to develop skills and interests alone, every one of us can benefit from group practice. Here, I want to briefly look at eight essential features that are necessary for building an organization, regardless of its raison d’etre, and regardless of whether it’s a small, local group or a larger network.

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Massive Website Update

I realize that, though the content has remained the same, this site has gone through a few different titles at this point (first Phalanx and then Phanes). Over the last year, it has also been largely neglected, with only a few articles being posted. That is going to change.

Article writing can be very time-consuming. And, over the last year or so, I’ve also been working on a new book. However, with the founding of The Spiritual Survival Youtube channel, I am relaunching the site under the same name.

I will be publishing shorter articles, aimed at inspiring readers to live a full and authentic life in accord with ancient and natural principles. I will also be including some videos in the articles, where that makes sense.

I hope you will find the reborn site to be of value in your life.

Thank you for your patience and support. Please Follow (top right sidebar) to be notified when a new article is published.

Angel Millar