The Sickle of Titan Kronos: Archetypal Symbol of Power and Progress

The idea that a weapon has power beyond what can be understood scientifically or through the laws of nature is very old. Nobody really knows the historical origins of the tales and myths surrounding such magical objects. While speculating, we can suppose that a logical place to look for the beginning of such mythical narratives would be the communities of the early metallurgists and craftsmen who created these weapons, as well as the legendary men, heroes, and Gods who wielded them.

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Swear Allegiance to Quality, Not Quantity

We see it every day. Intelligent people rallying to the defense of the indefensible. Rallying to someone who has said something completely untrue, vulgar, or just plain ugly. And rallying to the individual solely because they see themselves as being on the “same side” — usually on the political left or right.

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How To Get Through Tough Times

We all experience difficulties, setbacks, shocks to our system, practically and emotionally. And, coming out of nowhere, they can sometimes hit us hard. Here, we’re going to look at some of the practical steps we can take when we’re facing significant long-term challenges.

First, though, I’d encourage you to recognize that we live in an inherently unstable world. The economy is booming one year and crashing the next. Companies come and go. Careers end. Relationships end. Friendships disappear (sometimes when we’re at our lowest). Or someone we love gets sick.

What can we do?

We have to accept the reality of the world without becoming depressed about it.

And the reality is:

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