Attaining to Freedom — A Metapsychology of Liberation, Part 3

It’s been nearly two years since the last article in this series, on the meaning of peace. For me, it’s been a time of growth and learning, possibly like none other before (though I imagine later years will have more surprises). Among other things, it’s been a time of trying to live peace and not merely think or talk about it.

And this leads quite naturally to the attainment of freedom. Continue reading “Attaining to Freedom — A Metapsychology of Liberation, Part 3”

Seeing The Good Is a Choice

A few months ago, I made a flying visit to Dallas to present a lecture. Only 30 minutes before I left for the airport did I receive some unwelcome news that could have meant a sharp decline in my income. In the past, I would have been stressed — and the news was certainly unwelcome. But instead of worrying about the future, I focused on what might be a gateway opened to a new adventure and to new possibilities. Nothing is static in life, and it is essential to embrace the future with a positive mind. Continue reading “Seeing The Good Is a Choice”

Planting Too Many Seeds

During the early 17th century, pamphlets proclaiming the existence of a mysterious Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross caused a sensation in Europe. Yet, few, if any, were actually accepted into the Brotherhood (if it existed as such), despite a number of public petitions.

It is difficult for us to imagine why this was such a big deal. Today, we are flooded with choices — choices of movies, bars, restaurants, and shops, etc. Likewise, spiritual “traditions,” groups, Orders, sects, and so on, have sprung up in abundance. And if there’s nothing that really suits us, we can just pick from a few traditions, mix them together, and make our own tradition.  Continue reading “Planting Too Many Seeds”